Passage, 2017

Visualising weaving as a palimpsest, to bear the traces of time passing. The loom acts as the platform in which the threads travel back and forth. For me, the weaving process is an act of painting the time while imprinting memory throughout the mystic journey.
Taking inspiration from the idea of unravelling time through the act of un- weaving, I found that the significance of Penelope weaving and then undoing, is her holding on to her marriage to Odysseus by creating time without passing. The symbol of the loom and the spindle are seen as threads of time, whilst she weaves and un-weaves she still has some control over her destiny.
Passage is homage to the labour of weaving. This performance interoperates this process of undoing the existence of time while the physical progresses. The thread acts as the clock in which the hands establish the control of movement in time. I unravel the thread from my woven piece of fabric remaining on wooden loom, dismantling and re organising in preparation the beginning.
It is the end to the beginning, past to the present; perhaps there is no such thing to be ordered as long as there is a passage to process.

Installation view at Gallery 46, Whitechapel, London